We are Alexei and Yulia Vityaz (formerly known as Allan and Julie Knight.)

We’ve have been in a legal dispute for 10 years. We won a case against Vodafone plc in the UK and we did not receive our court awarded monies. We thenwent to the Strasburg Court of Human Rights where we were awarded monies under articles 3,6 and 8 of the Human Rights Declaration.  We have not had any of that either.

Our court matters moved on to the French Criminal Trial where people were held in custody for their crimes in perverting the course of justice in our case. They were subsequently released due to political intervention by Nicholas Sarkozy. We still didn’t get any of our money.

The Strasburg Court President, Mr Stresner, issued proceedings in the Brussels Court of Human Rights to prosecute the defendants.  These were the judges, law lords, MP’s, bankers and more who were all involved in perverting the course of justice in our cases.  Again, we were awarded monies, but were prevented from receiving them….again.

Mr Stresner, in his capacity as an Austrian Judge, issued proceedings and prosecuted 700 people who had perverted the course of justice in our cases.  All parties were found guilty – sentencing is pending. The proceedings are incomplete.

Again….we didn’t get our court awarded monies.

Mr Stresner, acting as the Strasburg Court President, informed us that the Russian and Chinese Governments wished to join our court case so they could prosecute  some of the same defendants for theft of contracts, property and  monies in a telecommunications matter from 1991.

The Russian and Chinese Governments took control of banking mechanisms that the Strasburg Court were using to secure payment of our court awarded monies so we could access them. This was in August 2007. However, the Chinese and Russian Governments took control of these mechanisms to take damages for the 1991  telecommunications matter but they got greedy and caused the financial crash worldwide!

Once they had achieved this goal, they promptly dropped us! Our court awarded monies are held in accounts in our names in the CBRF bank in Moscow.  It is illegal to hold our monies without giving us access to them, but that is exactly what they have done.

We have been sending correspondence to all parties since October 2008. We have recently received letters from the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, who has acknowledged our status as Russian Citizens.

Our solicitor/barrister throughout these proceedings, a Mr Alexander Mercouris, is held by the Russian Government and is prevented from making contact with this family. This is a breach of our Human Rights and his! He holds our banking details, judgements, passports and travel documents. We last spoke with him on the 17th September 2008. We are unsure of his status.

This blog is our statement of facts of the ten year saga!

You can read about each case on this blog.


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